Carrying Out First-Rate MOT Tests in
Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset

MOT tests are an essential part of vehicle ownership. Without the vehicle inspections we provide in Weston-super-Mare, you could be driving a faulty car without even knowing about it. Avoid unnecessary risks when you turn to the knowledgeable inspection services our service centre provides.

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Technicians and Computer

Certifying Your Car's Safety

Every 12 months, scores of satisfied customers turn to our centre in order to receive our capable MOT testing. Working tirelessly, our qualified technicians ensure cars are roadworthy and safe to drive. The checks we perform are compliant with official government guidelines, and any advisories are clearly highlighted for the customer. What's more, we'll gain authorisation for any repairs in the event that they aren't discovered before the MOT test.

Testing Every Vehicle

Working flexibly, we effortlessly accommodate a variety of vehicle types. A one-stop shop for all MOT testing, we skilfully inspect anything from a Smart™ car to a Commercial Vehicles. The vehicle classes we service include:

Class 4 (Cars) | Class 5 (Mini-Busses) | Class 7 (Commercial Vehicles)

Delay-Free Repairs

At WSM Car & Van Centre, our workshop measures 4,000 square feet. That means we have the space needed to complete any work required to ensure your vehicle meets the necessary standards. Typically, remedial repairs are commenced without delay. Otherwise, repairs will commence as soon as it is possible.

Returning Your Vehicle

Maintaining a healthy stock of parts, including tyres, means our centre has the materials needed to repair your car immediately. Once the MOT testing of your vehicle is successfully completed, we offer to deliver your car back to you for no extra cost.

Affordable Services

The cost of our MOT testing varies depending on the class of vehicle you drive. The prices are as follows:

 Class 4: £39
Class 5: £59.55
Class 7: £49.95

Contact us today, in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, to schedule our meticulous MOT tests and vehicle inspections.